H loves drawing and he also loves the pairing of text and image. We found a great iPad app called Pow which you can use to make cartoons. The kids wrote their own script and then got dressed up and I took photographs of them acting it out. The storyline was about a ‘Princess’ who was stolen by evil pirates and hidden away as a farm girl and then rescued by good pirates!


They loved planning the storyline and even HJ played out her part dramatically!


For days after the ‘performance’ they played with the photographs using the Pow App, figuring out how to use all the features. The also investigated using Keynote and learning how to make slideshows.


They loved it!


So much for my being a pacifist, the ‘Boom’ and ‘Whack’ features were the favourites.

Next we photographed some of H’s drawings, he likes to draw animals and creatures. I’d like to encourage him to make his own cartoons using his own drawings.


One way of developing his language skills through doing what he loves.


Usually fairly gruesome and Geurnica-esque. I came across a quote in ‘Boys adrift’ by Dr Leonard Sax that really summed up my approach to H and his learning. For quite a while I tried to quash his fascination with violence, I was one of those parents who faints at the idea of her son playing with guns. Eventually I realised I was probably doing more harm than good.
‘If your son is motivated by competition, then eliminating it from his school, throwing out his toy guns, and forbidding him to write stories with violent themes won’t change him. These policies may disengage him from school however. The end result may be a boy who feels that the only place he is truly understood as he really is, is the world of video games.’

Dr Leonard Sax, Boys Adrift

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