Ocean and art in Asilah

Asilah is a small Moroccan city about thirty minutes drive south of Tangier. In Summer it swells into a tourist haven but in Winter it is fairly empty. Once a year there is an arts festival and artists from all over the world gather to paint murals upon the old medina walls.

The result is a wonderful collection of artworks adorning the whitewashed walls of the ancient city.

After spending three weeks inland in Chefchaouen it was marvellous to experience the ocean. We were so excited on the day that we arrived that we walked on the beach despite there being a storm. I didn’t realise that Zeph had never witnessed a wild sea and he was completely overwhelmed and captivated. He ran in the wind and told me Mum, the ocean is wild and I am wild, we are the same. I have never felt so free!


We spent a few days fossicking amongst the sand and stones and enjoying the magnificent sunsets that felt like walking amongst clouds.


Now back in the flat of Melbourne, unable to find a vantage point to see the dusk sky, I return to these sunsets in my imagination.


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