Unschooling in Morocco

My ten year old son Zeph and I travelled in Morocco for six weeks at the end of last year. Unlike his introverted mother he is extremely gregarious and social and he made friends with everyone we met. Before we left I showed him some documentaries about artisans in Fes and he mentioned how much he would love to work with a craftsman and learn some new skills. While we were staying in the mountain city of Chefchaouen he made friends with a shop owner who turned out to be a carpenter. He worked with Zeph for a week helping him to make a model house. It was a wonderful experience for him.


It is endlessly frustrating for me that I cannot create these kinds of experiences for him here. He loved Moroccan life and he felt a freedom there that is impossible to replicate here.


We carried his house the whole way home with us.

Through Asilah and Marrakech, Meknes and Fes and Casablanca.

10835329_1527464064190917_4703733984824723658_oH Zeph tried to save this bird after it was attacked by a cat. He nursed it for a day and it died in his arms.


He became very interested in languages whilst we were staying with other travellers, he learned many words in French and Spanish and was fascinated to meet people from so many European countries.

We travelled by train and bus, he loved using different currencies and enjoyed the fact that everywhere we went there were two or three milk bars in every street.
Whilst I dragged him through all the mosques he dragged me through all the sword shops. The journey would not have been the same without him.

It was so clear to me when we were travelling that this was the best education he could ever receive. It isn’t possible for me to uproot my family and take off, it’s simply not financially viable. But I do hope to intersperse our learning with occasional travels because these are the experiences the children will carry with them always.

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