Orange peel and kangaroo skeletons

photo 1-7

Like all pregnant Mama’s I have a limited amount of energy and this time I am determined to use it well. The household tasks are never-ending but I am trying to re-frame how I look at the mess. Yesterday after a visit to Ikea I came home with a dolls tea set for Lili, she was so thrilled and she has been playing with it ever since. She squeezes orange juice and pours it into tiny cups and she cuts oranges into quarters and places them in tiny saucers. And then she brings them to picnic with anyone who will enjoy it with her. The result is a trail of orange peels and sticky juice all over every available kitchen surface. She makes an effort to clean up at least fifty percent of the time.
photo 3-8

photo 2-7

Instead of despairing over orange peel and mounds of clean laundry and the half jar of honey that I found tipped all over my tea selection this morning, I decided to head off in the sun to a lovely nearby park.

photo 2-6

Just over a month ago during a visit the children found a kangaroo skeleton and they were keen to look for it again. We walked for a while and found it’s remnants.
photo 1-6 photo 5-7

And then we came across a little echidna off for a morning stroll. When we got close it curled up into a tiny ball and pretended to be a bush. We took a photograph and then we left it to continue on its merry way.
photo 4-8

And then after a play in the playground we drove down to the marvellous old bluestone farmhouse and cottage gardens. This is my favourite place to visit in our surrounding area. The sky was full of birdsong, we saw red parrots, white cockatoo’s and carefully avoided the nesting magpies. The air was thick with the fragrance of the garden flowers. It is such a beautiful place, so hidden on the edge of the gorge and yet so close to our suburban home.
photo 1-5 photo 2-5 photo 3-5 photo 3-6 photo 3-7 photo 4-5 photo 5-4 photo 5-5 photo 5-6

We watched the ducks swimming on the dam and we ate oranges and then it was time to come home. It doesn’t take much to revive a sense of spirit and to refocus on joys rather than fears. As someone who had a country childhood in one of the most beautiful places in the world, I do struggle sometimes with our suburban existence. Lately the words stifling, dull, lacklustre and mind-numbing have been falling off my lips too frequently but my body craves the natural environment, my soul needs beauty. And fortunately it is there to be found without much effort.
Finally by baby number five I am learning to prioritise and instead of drowning in endless domestic drudgery I am expending energy where it is really important.

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