Winter Update

Today is a slow, warmth seeking Winter day.



making cookies during Ramadan

Ramadan and Eid came and went. Bit by bit we are getting closer to an understanding of what might be the cause of our littlest man’s health problems.  I’m just so grateful for his daily health, grateful for every day we spend together.




Mother’s Day Delights

Homeschooling – Norse Mythology – The World Tree

Edendale Farm
edendale farm


the beginning of some wall decoration using wet on wet watercolours

Montsalvat Arts Festival

When I was a little girl we had a book about mud brick architecture in Eltham and it included a lot of photographs of Montsalvat. I loved looking through it and imagining building myself a house and studio in the same style. We didn’t live in Melbourne and it wasn’t until I was an adult that I was able to visit the place properly.

Today we went to the Montsalvat Arts Festival. The weather forecast was terrible but it didn’t end up raining, it was a beautiful day.


There were live bands, exhibitions and various children activities.  I enjoyed the gardens and buildings.


I’d love to have a studio here, it’s such a peaceful place. I love Eltham.



A Simple Day of Gift Giving and Making | Christmas 2015

photo 2-9
preparing Christmas boxes



photo 3-8

As we are approach the New Year the days are long and slow and so often hot. H was delighted when her strawberry plant presented her with the first strawberries and even our apricot tree made fruit this year.

photo 3-7

Curious for years about Christmas, this year I decided to show my children how we celebrated as a family when I was a child. Simple, not excessively material, non-elaborate. Just a small nuclear family, a couple of precious gifts and good food.

photo 4-4

Our (late) Eid

So much for my plans! On the day of the Eid I was bedridden with a nasty flu.

We had our belated Eid today. We visited an organic olive oil farm in Gisbourne and then went into the town itself for lunch.

It’s such a beautiful town.